COCO7 - Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut palms grow best in sandy and loamy soil. Though they can tolerate drought to some extent, coconut palms grow best in an environment that has moisture. The best backdrop is a tropical, warm, rainy, hot and humid climate with 47 - 94 inches of annual rainfall. Though trees do grow in colder climes, frosty and arid conditions will freeze the fronds of the tree prematurely, making the palm dry-up and die. The ideal climate for well-grown, fruit-bearing trees is a tropical climate. This is wh

"Please wait, we are all getting down. DON'T PUSH"

The push strategy is prevalent in human behaviour as well, except that it's not in the marketing sense of view. It is in actuality. Imagine yourself in an overly crowded bus with a variety of smells (by smells I did not mean cooking smells or any other good smells) permeating the non-existent air, numbing your sense of smell and rendering you unable to breathe. Add onto this scenario, elbows, knees, handbags and umbrellas digging into all parts of your body, making you want to scream in agitati

...After all, how much does a smile cost?

Ever stopped to think how much a smile costs? Maybe it costs you a lot to pull your muscles a bit and grimace at the world. But don't you think it makes your personal space a little bit brighter? After all, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown. So if you are bent on conserving energy, smiling is the best option for you. Also, people remember a "smiley person". Everybody loves to work with them. Who loves grumpy trolls anyway. Positive thinking gurus say "You have to fake it, to make it"

How to convert seemingly impossible situations into possible

Why Sponge Bob? Just see how happy he is. I adore his happy attitude. He always sees the best side of the coin. Likewise, a few positive vibes from my sphere of the world, sent with love, your way. A typical morning at my home is like the war zone. Cries for help, requests for slippers and towels from children finishing in the washroom, "Ammi.... (mom) where is my uniform... socks... bottle.... snack box.........", "I'm cold.... switch off the fan" and all and sundry 'this and that' with YOU be